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How to enable 3DES

The previous 3DES Spares licensing process required that an order be placed using the Cisco PIX 3DES License Spares part number. A product authorization key (PAK) was then mailed to the customer. The customer entered the PAK and the PIX unit serial number into the PIX licensing page on Cisco.com to obtain the license key.

Recently, Cisco Systems announces the end of orderability of Cisco PIX 3DES License Spares part numbers. The new one-step 3DES Spares licensing process is available to any customer with a Cisco.com user ID and password. The new process eliminates the additional step of ordering the 3DES license spare and requiring the product authorization key to obtain the 3DES license.

This new 3DES Spares licensing process is accessible from the Software Center. The direct link to the licensing page is:


From this page, you can access the 3DES licensing process by selecting 3DES/AES (168bit) Encryption License in the table of information about the Cisco PIX Firewall.

To active the license key, follow these steps.

  1. Logon the PIX.
  2. Type con t to get the configuration mode.
  3. Type activation-key xxxxxxxx ######## aaaaaaaa bbbbbbbb (Note: xxxxxxxx ######## aaaaaaaa is the license key).

Note: to show the activation key, use this command: show activation-key.

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