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How to configure a VPN tunnel between a 3COM Firewall and a Linksys Router

This article describes how to configure a VPN tunnel between a 3COM SuperStack 3 Firewall and a Linksys BEFVP41 Router.

A. Configuring the SuperStack 3 Firewall:

         Enable VPN on the SuperStack 3

         Type the name on The Unique Firewall ID, which can be anything you wan to.

         On the "VPN Configure" tab specify the following:

  1. Security Association: Add new SA
  2. IPSec Keying Mode: IKE using pre-shared secret
  3. SA Name: ChicahoTech that can be name you wan to.
  4. IPSec Gateway Address: x.x.x.x (your local gateway)
  5. SA life time (secs): 28800
  6. Encryption Method: Encrypt and Authenticate (ESP DES HMAC MD5)
  7. Shared Secret: Specify a shared secret
  8. Destination Networks: Specify the LAN subnet on the Linksys side. For example,

B. Configuring the Linksys BEFVP41 Device:

  • Enable VPN
  1. Tunnel Name: ChicahoTech that can be name you wan to.
  2. Local Secure group: Choose "subnet" and specify the Local LAN + subnet mask  Note: donít use
  3. Remote Secure Group: Choose "subnet" and specify the Lan IP information on the SuperStack 3 side of the connection. Note: donít use
  4. Remote Security Gateway: Choose "IP Address" and specify the NAT Public IP address of the SuperStack 3.  Note: donít use
  5. Encryption: DES
  6. Authentication: MD5
  7. Key Management: Auto (IKE). Note: Donít check the box for PFS
  8. Pre-Shared Secret: Same shared secret specified on the 3Com
  9. Key Lifetime: 28800
  • Click on Advance Setting
  1. Operation Mode: Main Mode
  2. Proposal 1:
    • Encryption: DES
    • Authentication: MD5
    • Group: 768-bit
  1. Key Lifetime: 28800

Encryption: DES


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