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How to manage RRAS using command lines

In some cases, you may want to manage RRAS using command lines. For example, you may not want any one use the VPN to access the office network at day and restart it at evening. How do you do that?

Yes, you can stop and re-start  RRAS from the command prompt. The command net stop/start rasman stops/starts all three RAS-related services Remote Access Autodial Manager, Remote Access Connection Manager, and Remote Access Server.

In our above example, you may want to create a batch file including net stop rasman to stop VPN at 8:00 AM and net start rasman to re-start it at 7:00 PM.

You can also pause the RRAS server with the net pause rasman command. Pausing the RRAS service keeps any new VPN users from accessing the server, but existing users can continue their work until they logoff 

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