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How to Enable Windows Terminal Services and Access

The Terminal Services component of the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server operating system can deliver the Windows 2000 desktop, as well as the latest Windows-based applications, to virtually any desktop computing device, including those that cannot run Windows. This lets more people in an organization take advantage of the resources provided by a distributed computing environment. Terminal Services can also be used to remotely administer a Windows 2000-based server.

The Terminal Services component of Windows Server 2003 builds on the solid foundation provided by the Application Server mode in Windows 2000 Terminal Services, and includes the new client and protocol capabilities in Windows XP. Terminal Services lets you deliver Windows-based applications, or the Windows desktop itself, to virtually any computing device, including those that cannot run Windows.

1. How to Install TS.
2. How setup a user or group access to TS.
3. How to setup TS Client to logon TS.
4. Which Ports need to open for TS.

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