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How to restore Active Directory

In a case your only DC dies and you need to restore Active Directory from a backup, follow these steps.

  1. Start the computer in Directory Services Restore Mode (F8 and select “Directory Services Restore Mode (Windows NT domain controllers only”).
  2. Start NT Backup.
  3. Select the Restore tab.
  4. Select the backup media.
  5. Select System State.
  6. Click Start Restore.
  7. Click OK in the confirmation dialog box.

Note: To verify Active Directory restore, restart the computer in Start Windows Normally mode. After you are able to log on to the system, browse Active Directory. Verify that all of the User objects and Group objects that were present in the directory prior to backup are restored. Similarly, verify that files that were members of a File Replication service (FRS) replica set and certificates that were issued by the Certificate Services are present.

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