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How to setup Home Directory in a domain network

To easy manage and back up users' data, you may want to create a directory based on users' logon name which we call Home Directory. To create the Home Directory for a user, please follow this steps.

1. Create a folder for the user on a server.

2. Share the folder with $ (the $ will hide the shared folder from other users) and permissions.

3. Open ADUC console. Right-click on the user and select Properties.

4. Under Profie tab, check Connect. Select a letter, for example H, for mapping the home directory. Type the path, for example \\Chicagotect\blin$. For windows 2000 and XP computer running on windows domain network, the user should have H drive mapping to his/her home directory after logon.

5. If you have some Windows 95/98 computer, you may need to create a longo batch file to add this line:  net use h: /home.

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