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Outlook - How to

Grant "Send on behalf" permissions
Grant "Send as" permissions

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Grant "Send on behalf" permissions

1. After running Outlook, open Tools>Options>Delegates.

2. From Active Directory Users and Computers, go to the Properties of the user>Exchange General>Delivery Options. Under Send on behalf, click Add to add the users.

Grant "Send as" permissions

To grant a user "Send as" permissions for another user's mailbox, open Active Directory Users and Computers. Go to the Properties of the user>Security>Advanced. n the Access Control Settings for MailboxOwner dialog box, click Add. In the Select User, Computer, or Group dialog box, click the user account or the group that you want to grant "Send as" permissions to, and then click OK. In the Permission Entry for MailboxOwner dialog box, click This Object Only in the Apply onto list. In the Permissions list, locate Send As, and then click to select the Allow check box.



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