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Why are all networking printers listed on XP workstations

A: I've noticed this on only a few machines...the few that I've used the connect computer tool to join to the domain. All of the AD printers are listed, so i delete all the printers that this machine doesn't need, but after a reboot they come back. Is there a way to make it so with connect computer all the printers don't get added and they don't keep re-appearing?

Q1: Double Click My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View

Remove the Tick from "Automatically Search for Network folders and Printers"

Q2: Because that's what the default action for the SBS client deployment tools

Use the SBS Management Console and select Computers. Select the relevant
machines, right-click and choose "Assign Applications". Under Advanced,
you'll find a tick box for installing the printers. While it remains
ticked, the printers will be installed each time a user logs on.

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Why are all networking printers listed on XP workstations
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